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Friday, September 17, 2010

20 Things You Didn't Know About Me/ Virginia Photographer

As I was going blog reading, I came across a lady who blogged about 25 things we didn't know about her. Even though I didn't really know her, it was cool to read about her interests and cute little tipits of her life. I have decided to do the same thing but only 20 things... im not even sure if I know 25 things of my own self. Some of you might really know all about me, but then again, you might read something you had no idea about.

1~ I'm addicted to Facebook.. I HAVE to look at it, All the time... or gmail...or etsy.....

2~ My husband and I met at college, but we didn't know we could have met while we were younger. His grandmothers house was right across the road and through the trees from my house I grew up in. crazy small world... it was meant to be huh :)

3~ I have found that when shopping, I am drawn to certain colors on certain days. For example, i see something purple that I like, say a purple sweater, then for some reason i keep seeing all this purple stuff that I have to get, or like.. its a bit weird, because the next time it won't be the same color...

4~ When I was younger I did ballet for 7 years.. if i tried it today, i probably would fall on my butt. I hope that one day one of my girls would want to be in it as well.

5~ I have always been a sports fan, played it, watched it, loved it, but since I had kids, that changed. I can't remember the last time i got to pick up my softball glove and threw and i really do miss it.

6~ I often pass up interesting items because I think to myself, “I could make that myself”… and of course, I never do..

7~Ever since I became a mom, I cry over everything, watching my babies grow up too fast, tv commericals, movies.. reading to my girls... everything.

8~ Im a night person, definitely. Its where I can get everything done.. cleaning... editing..

9~ I really love scrapbooking, but i rarely have time to do it anymore. I am surprised that i at least got my oldest 1st year book done.. my baby... haven't even started :( thank goodness for online albums! One day i will get it done... one day...

10~ I find it is rather rewarding to be the grown-up and use the phrase,  ”Because I said so, that is why.”

11~ My favorite number is 11, always has been always will...

12~  I secretly wish that I could go back to college and forget all about responsibility, but then again.. why would i want to start my life OVER again when i actually love it.

13~ I HATE gold.. yellow gold that is, but only in jewelry form. i love gold color, especially in the fall! Its beautiful.

14~ Everytime I watch a movie, i HAVE to eat popcorn! It doesn't matter if i just ate dinner, or what, I still have to get my bucket of popcorn.. its crazy not to eat it while watching a movie.

15~ I wasn't a big fan of my husband going into the marine corps.. not at all.. but now im secretly sad that he is getting discharged and I won't be really a "Marine Wife" anymore.. Even though, he will be a retired marine and I will be a retired spouse, it to me is not the same. Once a Marine aways a Marine (wife) right?! :) And even though I said no to living anywhere then Virginia or North Carolina, deep down I was really looking forward to something different.

16~I love listening to both my girls laugh, its just to die for and I can't get enough of it.

17~I really really really want to live in a 2 story- 5 bedroom house one day with a beautiful space for a studio.. A girl can wish right?

18~ My husband still gives me butterflies everytime he touches or holds my hand..

19~  Im addicted to props... headbands, hats, blankets, bowls, baskets, chairs....

20~  I really love to be organized..if I had the time to do it..


Heidi Stone Photography said...

This is a fun post! I also have a dream home, complete with floorplans! LOL

Nikki said...

#14--that is SO me, too!

Anonymous said...

Clarke gives me butterflies, too. I don't even think he knows it. I had no idea J was being discharged! WE NEED TO CATCH UP! Like... what's happening now? Do you stay?